Mei Haskell, LA County identified as murder victim of Sam Haskell Jr., Police say

Mei Haskell Death – In accordance with the findings of the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner, Mei Haskell has been recognized as the individual who was killed by Sam Haskell Jr. A portion of a woman’s body was discovered in a dumpster in Tarzana, California, a month ago. Sam Haskell Jr., the son of a powerful celebrity agent named Sam Haskell Sr., was taken into custody on suspicion of murder in connection with the finding.

Mei Haskell was married to Sam Haskell Jr., whose father, Sam Haskell Sr., is a powerful celebrity agent who represented celebrities such as George Clooney, Martin Short, Dolly Parton, Kirstie Alley, Tony Danza, Whoopi Goldberg, Prince Edward, Kathie Lee Gifford, Ray Romano, and Debbie Allen. Mei Haskell was also married to Sam Haskell Jr. Currently, Haskell Jr. is being held in the Valley Jail in Van Nuys, which is part of the Los Angeles Police Department, on suicide watch. According to the authorities, after searching for Mei Haskell and her parents, the police discovered the decapitated torso of a lady in a garbage close to his office. The victim has since been identified as his wife, who was born in China.

A female body that had been dismembered and wrapped in a plastic bag was found by the officers when they arrived on the scene. At the time, Detective Efren Gutierrez of the Los Angeles Police Department stated that the remains belonged to human beings and that they were found just outside the garbage. After some time had passed, he revealed that a torso had been found within the waste bag.

A group of day laborers were apparently engaged to assist in the movement of trash bags prior to the discovery. These trash bags were later found to contain human parts, which led to the discovery. Although the workers removed the trash bags from a residence in Tarzana, one of the workers stated in Spanish that “when we picked up the bags, we could tell they weren’t rocks.” This information was obtained from a previous complaint that we had.

Workers in the construction industry characterized the waste bags as being mushy and wet, and they weighed approximately fifty pounds. As they were leaving with the garbage bags, the workers mentioned that they had a feeling that something was not quite right, so they made the decision to examine the bags. They stopped their truck, and that’s when they noticed that there were body parts inside of it.

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