Police: Man arrested for smashing security officer with car during deadly Springdale nightclub shooting

Shaquille Phillips, 31, identified as murder victim found near the Wheeler Mission

Shaquille Phillips Death – The identity of the person whose body was discovered last week close to the Wheeler Mission has been revealed. During the time that his body was discovered, the victim, Shaquille Phillips, who was 31 years old, did not have any form of identification on him, according to the Monroe County Coroner’s Office. It took some time to determine his identity. It was claimed that Phillips had been in Bloomington for a period of time that was less than a year. Phillips was originally from the Chicago region.

Despite the fact that Craig Pearson, who is 42 years old, has been arrested for the murder, the events that led up to the occurrence are still being investigated by the police currently. There was a modest increase in the number of people who filed for unemployment benefits in Indiana last week, according to the information provided by the United States Department of Labor. This follows a decline in the number of people who are unemployed across the country over the course of the past several months.

More than twenty different kinds of granola bars and cereals have been recalled by Quaker Oats due to the possibility that they contain salmonella from contamination. A few examples of the items that are available are Simply Grain Cereal, Puffed Granola Cereal, and Quaker Chewy Bars. One or two Frito-Lay products are also included in the list of products that are being recalled. The Quaker Oats customer service line can be reached at 800-492-9322, and they will provide you with a comprehensive list of the goods that have been recalled.

This year, there are over one hundred new Christmas movies developed specifically for television. With the majority of them making their debut on Hallmark, Lifetime, Own, BET, and The Great American Family Channel respectively. A significant number of them adhere to the conventional narrative structure of romance during the holiday season, typically taking place during an unanticipated encounter when someone returns home for the holiday. The newly released collection of holiday films began running in October, and they will continue to remain on the schedule until the end of this month.

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