Police: Man found dead near commercial building prompts BPD to investigate homicide

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – The tranquility of Birmingham’s Titusville area was shattered by a distressing discovery, prompting a swift response from the Birmingham Police Department (BPD) following reports of a deceased individual found adjacent to a commercial building on Monday morning. At approximately 7 a.m., BPD officers swiftly reacted to a call reporting a person down in the 300 block of 2nd Avenue North. Upon their arrival, law enforcement officers encountered a grim scene, finding an unresponsive man lying beside a commercial establishment.

The individual was identified as 20-year-old Sheldon Dejon Henry, Jr., whose life was tragically cut short. Despite the prompt arrival of Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service, their efforts were regrettably futile, as Henry Jr. was pronounced deceased at the scene. The preliminary stages of the investigation indicate that a passerby or concerned citizen noticed Henry Jr.’s prone form adjacent to the commercial property and promptly alerted emergency services by dialing 911. Subsequent assessments conducted by the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office uncovered the tragic revelation that Henry Jr. had succumbed to a gunshot wound.

As the investigation unfolds, the circumstances surrounding this distressing incident remain shrouded in uncertainty. Law enforcement officials have confirmed that, at this juncture, no suspects have been apprehended, intensifying the urgency of the ongoing investigation. The community is enveloped in shock and grief as the unsettling reality of violence unfolds within its midst. The abrupt loss of a young life like Sheldon Dejon Henry, Jr.’s reverberates profoundly, stirring emotions of sadness and concern throughout the area.

The absence of answers compounds the distress, leaving the community in a state of unease and anticipation for justice to be served. In the wake of this tragic event, the thoughts and sympathies of the community extend to the loved ones of Sheldon Dejon Henry, Jr., whose life was abruptly cut short. The collective hope remains for swift progress in the investigation, leading to the identification and apprehension of those responsible, offering a semblance of closure to the grieving family and a measure of reassurance to the wider community.

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