Germany Arrests Hamas Members, Denmark expands terror probe

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) – Cologne, Denmark (Associated Press) — A prosecutor announced on Friday that Denmark is currently holding two individuals in custody and that four others are the subject of a terrorism investigation. This case coincided with the arrest of several individuals in Germany and the Netherlands who are believed to be members of Hamas.

Germany’s authorities have stated that they have arrested three individuals on suspicion of planning attacks on Jewish institutions located throughout Europe. It was unclear whether there were any connections between the investigation into Hamas in Germany and the arrest of a single individual in the Netherlands, according to the Danish authorities.

There has been no mention of a possible connection to Hamas in Denmark’s investigation. Prior to the 9th of January, the two individuals who are currently being held in Denmark were ordered to remain in pretrial detention. The media in Denmark identified them as a man in his 50s and a woman in her 19th year.

On Thursday, the Danish intelligence agency PET made the announcement that three individuals had been arrested on suspicion of plotting to carry out “an act of terror within the country.” Anders Larsson, the prosecutor, announced early Friday morning that one of them, a man who was identified by Danish media as being 29 years old, had been released following a custody hearing that lasted throughout the night at a court in Copenhagen.

In addition, Larsson stated that four additional individuals were being held in “pretrial custody in absentia.” However, he did not specify whether or not the authorities were aware of their whereabouts or whether or not an active search was being conducted for them. He stated that there was “still someone at large” without providing any further details.

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