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Police: son soaks mom in gasoline and tries to burn her until stranger intervenes

Officials in Colorado have stated that a stranger intervened after he became aware that a woman required assistance. According to a post that was made on Facebook by the Commerce City Police Department on December 16th, the woman “frantically pulled her vehicle into his job site” as Ashton Miller was working at a construction site. It was reported by the police that the woman told Miller that her son, who was also in the vehicle with her, had sprayed her with gasoline and was attempting to set her on fire.

According to the officials, the woman managed to leave the commotion injury-free. According to the police, the man, who has not been identified, was taken into custody and brought into the Adams County Jail. He is being charged with attempted murder as well as assault. “He had a hold of her jacket, and then he had a lighter in his left hand and was attempting to strike it,” Miller said in an interview with 9 News. I could hear her yelling, “Don’t let him get close to me. My entire body is covered in gasps. ‘He put gas on me,’ I said.

According to the police, Miller, who had a weapons license, kept the individual at gunpoint until the arrival of the officers. In an interview with 9 News, Miller, who had previously worked as a security guard, stated that “once he realized that I had a firearm, he started to listen and calmed down.” It was then that I instructed the site foreman to retrieve handcuffs from my truck so that we could place him in handcuffs. He then laid down on the ground.

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