Cierra Hawn, Zarlingo, Crank Arrested A Warren car with a 3-year-old

Cierra Hawn, Zarlingo, Crank Arrested A Warren car with a 3-year-old

police report – After conducting a traffic stop in Warren, the police discovered multiple firearms in a vehicle that was also carrying a child who was three years old. This led to the arrest of four individuals, which is a concerning incident that occurred in Warren. The incident took place on Youngstown Road close to East Avenue, as law enforcement officers approached a vehicle that had two people in the front and three people in the back, including the young child, who was noticeably not secured in a car seat throughout the entire incident.

In response to a question about the absence of a car seat, the driver, who has been identified as Mary Zarlingo, 29, asserted that the child was hers and rationalized the absence of appropriate restraint by stating that she was in the process of providing a short ride for her friends down the street. When questioned about the presence of weapons, Zarlingo and all of the other occupants denied their existence. The only person who admitted to the existence of the firearm was the child.

Zarlingo reluctantly agreed to allow a search of the vehicle, despite his initial refusal to do so. He expressed concern about the consequences that would result from his refusal. According to the findings of the search, a loaded black Taurus Gx4 9mm pistol was found in the backseat of the vehicle, which was dangerously close to the location where the child had been positioned.

In light of the fact that the child was in close proximity to the firearm, the gravity of the situation increased. After searching the weapon, the police discovered that it had a round in the chamber as well as several additional rounds in the magazine. The discovery brought to light the potential risk that the child stood to face as a result of the irresponsible act of storing firearms in a vehicle.

Not only do the events bring to light the grave legal repercussions that the individuals involved are going to have to deal with, but they also bring to light the alarming predicament that the child is in. Both the failure to properly secure the child and the flagrant disregard for firearm safety regulations within the vehicle have given rise to legitimate concerns

which in turn led to the apprehension of the individuals who were operating the vehicle. By highlighting the critical importance of responsible firearm handling and child safety measures, this incident highlights the importance of preventing situations that are potentially dangerous.

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