Lori Anne, 15, Identified as dead Green River victim found in 1985

Lori Anne, 15, Identified as dead Green River victim found in 1985

Lori Anne Death – Lori Anne was only 15 years old when she moved to Lewis County, where she lived with her family in the year 1982. At some time throughout that year, she escaped, and her family never saw her again before she disappeared. After making contact with Lori Anne’s mother, the King County Detectives were able to obtain a sample of her mother’s saliva. According to the results of DNA comparison testing conducted by the University of North Texas, the bones in question were indeed those of Lori Anne.

The Snapshot Advanced DNA Analysis Service was developed and is operated by Parabon NanoLabs, a DNA technology firm that is vertically integrated and is situated in Reston, Virginia. The company is responsible for the development of next-generation forensic and therapeutic products that make use of the vast power of DNA. The revolutionary new products and services that Parabon is bringing to market are made possible by recent advancements in DNA sequencing, analysis, and manufacturing technologies.

Parabon is staffed by a team of scientists, analysts, and technologists who are uniquely qualified. Their expertise ranges from bioinformatics and genetic genealogy to chemistry and computer science. A forensic genetic genealogy business called Parabon NanoLabs was able to successfully identify the remains as those of Lori Anne Razpotnik, a 15-year-old girl who vanished from Lewis County, Washington in 1982. This was made possible by the improvements that have been made in DNA technology.

Gary Ridgway, also known as the Green River Killer, admitted to killing Razpotnik and another victim who remained unnamed (referred to as “Bones 16”) in 2003. This confession led detectives to the location of their bones, which were found close to Auburn. However, the case of Razpotnik has not been solved up until this point, despite the fact that “Bones 16” was identified as Sandra Majors in 2012.

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