Brett Smiley Death Kansas City, Shooting, Quik Trip Robbery, Shawnee PD On Scene

Brett Smiley Death, Shooting, Obituary -Sadly, Brett Smiley, 43, an armed robbery suspect, has died, according to the Shawnee Police Department. This happened when an officer shot a police car at a Quick Trip early on Sunday morning. The incident began with a rolling disturbance and shooting from a truck close to K-7 Highway. Law enforcement responded to the scene swiftly.

Warning of Disturbance: Vehicle Gunshots
A rolling disturbance near K-7 Highway was reported to the Shawnee Police Department due to gunfire coming from a truck. This was the start of a series of events that would eventually result in a deadly showdown with the suspect in the armed robbery. On Monday at around 11 a.m., officers were dispatched to the Quick Trip near Woodland Drive and Shawnee Mission Parkway in response to complaints of an ongoing robbery.

Police Open Fire on Suspect After Deadly Run-In
Witnesses at the scene informed the police that shots were being fired inside the gas station. When cops allegedly opened fire on Brett Smiley at the gas station door, he was supposedly standing there. Subsequent to being admitted to the hospital due to serious injuries, the suspect, 43, tragically succumbed to his wounds. It’s incredible that the gunfire incident didn’t cause any more injuries.

Restricted Impact: No Additional Suspects or Victims
The announcement by Shawnee police that they are not actively seeking any other suspects in connection with this case provides some closure to a town still in shock following the confrontation. The Shawnee Police Department has decided not to make any more announcements while the investigation into the shooting is still ongoing. The task of discovering the details of this regrettable tragedy has been given to the Johnson County Officer-Involved Critical tragedy inquiry Team, who are in charge of the inquiry.

Public Called to Assist: Witnesses Encouraged to Request Help
The police department states that other members of the public witnessed the deadly gunfire and acknowledges the gravity of the situation. After the event, the Johnson County Mental Health Center co-responders of the Shawnee Police Department are requesting that anyone in need of assistance or therapy contact them at 913-742-6604. The Shawnee Police Department works to support those impacted as the community copes with the aftermath of this tragic event, even as the investigation seeks to clarify the events leading up to the use of lethal force.

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